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Alexander Technique

Private Alexander Technique lessons

Hands-on and Online

The Alexander Technique is a method with which we become aware of our habitual misuse of ourselves; it teaches us how to be free of unwanted tensions; how to connect all aspects of ourselves (we call it our ‘psychophysical unity’) and direct the system as a whole while we perform any activity in order to live in harmony and balance.


Learn how to move mindfully, recover and prevent injuries, enhance your breathing and boost your performance in any activity!

Alexander Technique London

What to expect from a session? 


In the initial Alexander Technique lesson I will enquire about the history of the pupil; any chronic pains, injuries or operations. The pupil will then be asked to lie down in semi supine to receive a hands-on Alexander turn. This first part intends to help the pupil become aware of any unnecessary tensions they might hold and find ways to consciously release them. Then during the second and more active part, through the gentle guidance of the Teacher’s hands, the pupil is guided through different everyday movements and activities in order to find a new way of being at ease and exert the least effort possible. Each lesson is unique to the way a person learns, their needs and their wishes. In the case of injuries we work on a smooth and quick recovery and to help the system overcome the shock. For performers and those who wish to boost their performance, we work on their task. In the case of Pilates teachers and practitioners for example, I specialize in teaching them how to do their practice in the most efficient way possible. I am experienced in teaching using different approaches to people who recover from injuries, elderly people with restricted mobility but also primary school children and teenagers. There is no limit to the activities that one can apply the Alexander Technique to. It is a continuous exciting journey of self discovery and change!

Each lesson lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. 



Drop in: £50


For a block of 4 x 1 hour weekly sessions booked together: £

45 per session / £180 total 


Cancellation policy

Please respect the 48 hour cancellation policy, to allow the appointment slot to be filled. Cancellations, or rescheduled appointments made between 48 and 24 hours, will be charged at 50% of the full charge, appointments canceled under 24 hours of the appointment will be charged at the full rate. 



Tel: 07707226871


Thanks for getting in touch!

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