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Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture Treatment

Initial consultation- Your first visit

Before or as part of the first visit, the Initial Consultation takes place lasting around 30 minutes. It involves an in depth interview on the history, health profile and current complaints of the patient. The first treatment lasts around 2 hours and it includes the Traditional Diagnosis, the physical examination and the first acupuncture treatment.


I aim towards getting an overall picture of health in the shortest time possible. The questions cover most areas of life and aspects of body, mind and emotion. It is followed by a short physical examination including pulse taking, blood pressure and some palpation of the torso. 

Follow-up treatments are initially scheduled weekly, then depending on how the person is feeling and progressing, can be spaced out to once a fortnight and then once a month or longer, depending on what the patient feels is needed.


The importance of good rapport between me and the patient is of utmost importance. It is my duty to remind my patients of the fact that we are collaborating in this healing process and that it is important that their lifestyle assists in the changes that will appear throughout the course of treatment.

Course of treatment

Follow-up appointments last up to 60 minutes involving a feedback session and treatment. The number of treatments one requires depends on the severity and duration of the condition, the underlying health of the patient and their response. One should start to feel better immediately, but treatment has a cumulative effect. Typically, weekly treatments are advised to begin with, however, some conditions, like acute pain for example, would be better to treat 2-3 times a week.

Once your overall energy levels have started to improve, the frequency of treatments can be reduced, either to maintain health, or prevent recurrence of symptoms. Acupuncture can work in synergy with Western medicine and having Acupuncture does not mean you need to stop any other medication or medical treatment you are having.

5 Element Acupuncture
Roxani Eleni Garefalaki
Five Element Acupuncturist
Five Element Acupuncture

What to expect from a treatment session

Acupuncture is a deeply relaxing treatment. Often patients report a feeling of peace that stays with them for many hours or days after acupuncture treatment. Other effects from acupuncture treatment can be experienced as an Increase in energy, better sleep, Emotional balance, more joy and motivation, Increased mental clarity, Less cravings, increased awareness and relief from stress.


Initial Consultation: 30 minutes - Free

First Treatment: 2 hours - £120


Recurring Treatments - £70


For a block of 4 x 1 hour treatments: £50 per session / £200 total 

VISITS AT HOME: In special cases of disabilities and serious illnesses where the patient is unable to travel, I give treatments at the patient's house. Details to be agreed upon discussion.

CONCESSIONS: I believe that everyone should be able to receive the treatment they need. For this reason I offer discounted sessions to those in real need.

Cancellation policy

Please respect the 48 hour cancellation policy, to allow the appointment slot to be filled. Cancellations, or rescheduled appointments made between 48 and 24 hours, will be charged at 50% of the full charge, appointments canceled under 24 hours of the appointment will be charged at the full rate. 



Tel: 07707226871


Thanks for getting in touch!

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