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Upcoming Retreats:

IASIS - Healing Waters Qigong Retreat, Greece



A 6-day immersive Qigong retreat with daily spa at the Healing Thermal Mineral Springs of Edipsos. Bathe in the Healing natural hot spring waters twice a day and enjoy QiGong practice close to nature. Roxani has more than 20 years of experience in QiGong and her teaching is enriched by the inner directions of Nei Gong and the application of the Alexander Technique.

A retreat to enjoy serenity and rejuvenation of the body, spirit and mind.!

 Dates:       1. 16 – 20 October 

                   2. 12 - 16 February​

Location: Loutra Edipsou, Evia, Central Greece​ 

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Qigong Retreat
Loutra Edipsou

Healing Waters QiGong Retreat Details

16 - 21 October 2023 in Loutra Edipsou, Evia, Greece


Bathe in the healing hot waters, enjoy the benefits of QiGong practice for body mind and spirit and feel yourself rejuvenated, balanced and calm!


Brief Outline:


There will be two spa sessions and two QiGong practice sessions each day (apart from the day of arrival and departure when there will be time for only one). Weather allowing, the QiGong practice will be done on the beach but if it rains it will be hosted at the hotel’s seminar space.


Each morning we will begin our day with a morning spa session followed by breakfast. After some free time we will have our morning practice starting with a semi supine lying down session followed by an hour of QiGong. Lunch and after lunch will be free for you to enjoy your time as you wish. Each afternoon practice session will start with QiGong and end with seated zen meditation during sunset. Then we will enjoy our second spa session of the day and have traditional dinner in a local restaurant.

On the third day we will visit (with a coach organised by the hotel) the Drimona village and its beautiful waterfalls. We will do our practice there and enjoy the scenery with an option of individual lunch or just tea at the local village.

Complete Retreat Offer:


The complete retreat package including 10 practice sessions, spa baths, accommodation in double room with breakfast, transport from and to the airport and dinner costs 500£* without flights.

* £500 is Early bid bookings until 30 August, after that date the cost is £550


The Practice offer package for a 6-day seminar includes:


10 sessions of 90 minutes of QiGong practice combined with the application of the Alexander Technique and the inner directions of Nei Gong for £150 (175 € per person) (Select Option 1).


The Accommodation offer package for a 6-day seminar includes:

  • 5 nights at the 9Queens Spa Hotel: 

  • Breakfast 8:00-10:30

  • Use of spa facilities with 100% natural thermal water (the recommended therapeutic use is to use the spa twice a day for a duration of 1 to 1.5 hours each time, combing the indoor jacuzzi with the steam room and the external pool).

  • Free use of the seminar room

All the above at 175 € per person for a double room**


** There are other accommodation options at different prices, such as single room (275€), 3 bed room (125€ per person), 4 bed room (105€ per person).



We have planned for a group dinner every day at a local restaurant (Select Option 5)

Cost: €15.00 per meal, per person

Menu: a la table, meat or vegetarian by arrangement (includes main course, side dish, starters, salads and dessert). The price doesn’t include drinks.


If you do not wish to join us for the dinners then you can opt out of this. (Option 6)



Getting there and back

Because the location is 3 hours away from Athens International Airport, the hotel provides transportation from and to the airport scheduled in relation to our flights. (Select Option 2)

The coach can seat 12 people and if we reach this number then the total cost of transport will be 50 € per person. If we are fewer than 12 then the total of 600 € (for both ways) will be divided by the number of participants.


It is important for me to know if you are interested in coming on the same flights so I can organise the transport from the airport to Loutra Edipsou where our hotel is.

If someone prefers to stay and see Athens before or after and travel independently, then they should either have to meet the coach at the airport when the others arrive or to arrange private transfer services as there is no easy way with public transport. (Options 3 or 4)

You can see the area on Google maps here:



You can opt out of the dinner option, the group transportation or the QiGong practice. Just let me know your preference by selecting numbers from the list above.


Please express your interest as soon as possible because that would ensure that the flights can be booked in a low price.


For any further information do not hesitate to contact me.

I offer talks, workshops and group sessions focusing on one or more of the following topics:


Alexander Technique

Tai Chi & Qigong

Hypermobility and Ehlers Danlos Syndromes

Hypermobility in children 

AT for musicians/performers/athletes

AT for Disabilities, neurodivergence and Parkinson's 

Mindfulness in motion - performance and butoh


Looking for something tailored to your event or retreat? Please get in touch to find out more about the possibilities





Tel: 07707226871


Thanks for getting in touch!

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