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Activating acupuncture points in Dayan QiGong

Activating Dayan QiGong Acupuncture points
Dayan QiGong Acupuncture points

Dayan or Wild Goose QiGong is a 64 movement series practice. I first loved it when I saw people practicing it- they seemed to me like a flock of flying geese! While learning it I always enjoyed its healing and rejuvenating effects that would be felt immediately after the practice. After more than 20 years of practicing and having deepened my knowledge of Classical Chinese medicine through acupuncture, I find it important to share through my teaching the incredibly powerful inner directions for activating specific acupuncture points in QiGong practice.

Dayan QiGong is specifically designed to boost the immune system, rejuvenate and strengthen our health. For this reason every single one of its movements creates circuits of energy flows in order to release the old energy which is no longer needed and bring in new energy to nourish the body. In this process certain meridians (channels of energy) are activated and connected. But to achieve the desired effect the work has to be done inside us.

We learn to direct our conscious mind ( Yi ) in combination with our breathing, to specific acupuncture points that activate the meridians. Yi is our awareness, focus and intention. It is us who decide at each moment if we will harness its power or if we will be distracted by wandering thoughts. The key skill here is to link the Yi to our breathing and the movement of Qi.

There are at least 361 acupuncture points in our bodies but in Dayan QiGong some play a highly important role. Having promised to my students that I would make a specific list of the points we most use I share it here with the hope that it will help practitioners reach new levels, benefit and enjoy more their practice. I share it as an invitation to get to know these points on ourselves, feel them and enjoy the fact that our physical body is made up of energy as do all other parts of ourselves, our mind and our spirit. These points are powerful windows to our beautiful energy body.

Dayan QiGong Acupuncture points list
Dayan QiGong Acupuncture points list

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