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Principles of Dao

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

In my ever growing interest in studying the principles of Dao that underline my QiGong and Five Element Acupuncture practice, I felt driven to share my insights with my clients and friends. There is a unique simplicity in Dao that I have found in Pre- Socratic Philosophers my favourite being Heracleitus "The only constant thing is change" 5th c BC.

As I deepen my study I am discovering how the principles of Dao penetrate everything and how our understanding can evolve embracing its truths.

1. Fa & Gong

I would like to start with a practical concept which is the Two Stages of QiGong learning.

Fa is the method or technique. We work at this stage when we are learning the technique and its details, perfecting our co-ordination until the goal of the movement has been achieved.

Gong is the skill, work and quality that comes once one has moved beyond Fa, beyond the excellence of form and execution to the inner work that intends to bring change to specific aspects of the body, mind and spirit.

A practitioner learns how to develop and use the Fa until they attain the Gong.

How one can know they have moved beyond Fa?

When their QiGong practice creates immediate changes that one can be aware of and when the practice becomes deeply enjoyable with no distractions caused by physical pain, and the mind is present and quiet without the need to chase thoughts.

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