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Midway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice is Beltane on May day. In Taoism it corresponds to Tui Trigram, the Lake which represents the beginning of Summer or the height of Spring.

As we are approaching Summer, the Sun warms the Earth more and more and life springs forth. With flowers blossoming and bright new leaves on the trees, there is joy and excitement everywhere in nature.

For the Druids, this is the time when the Lady of the Land takes the hand of the Horned God. In this day, people would dance around the Maypole, make flower wreaths and jump over bonfires during the night.

It is a time that the Yin and Yang unite, the meeting of the opposites creates the spark conceiving new life. Inside us, the feminine and male aspects of ourselves also come in a harmonious union, All nature becomes fertile.

It is a time to rejoice, to open up and follow nature's invitation to enjoy.

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