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Seasonal Journal

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

A place to share my observations of the seasonal changes in the nature around me and within me. A journey to the exciting way everything flows and constantly changes in nature. Listening to the qualities that emerge from the unique time and space we live everyday. Always changing, always teaching us something new..

March 2023

A little after Ostara, the Spring is here at last! How tender are the new almond tree buds as they open! The nights are sweet and the moon is waxing moving towards the Pink Full Moon on the 6th of April.

All this week I felt that Spring means surprises. Because you really do not know what to expect, when and how the nature will transform. The spring weather actually teaches us to expect the unexpected! But no matter the whims of the weather, I know spring is here before I open my eyes in the morning. Although it is still dark the birdsong heralds the coming of the dawn. So many birds singing together, their sweet, melodic voices decorate the silence like the flowers in the meadows. I remember walking with a blind friend of mine, for he would know Spring by the birdsong and the smells of flowers. Just like the daylight which is gently growing, the young plants that have just shown their tender shoots, there is a feeling of sweetness, of allowing one to be pure and simple like a baby. I feel that is appropriate now to take care of the body and our homes, and continuing our insight on the world of the elements outside and inside. The water element has nurtured the wood enough and the seeds now are bursting with life. Their shoots have a clear goal- to reach the light, no matter what! This is a time to be honest with our strategy and have a clear direction. Like the wood be flexible but always know where the light is.

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