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Living with the Moon

Updated: Apr 8, 2023


Gloriously shining and guiding us in the night, Moon has a powerful effect on life on Earth.

For ancient Greeks it was goddess Σελήνη and Μήνη (pronounced Selini and Mini). Native American tribes refer to her as Grandmother Moon.

It is said that long ago there was one big planet that one day was hit by massive asteroids. A part of it broke but that helped the remaining planet to continue to orbit and survive. The old piece that was cut became the Moon and stayed orbiting around the new Earth forming a spiral around her and protecting her like a dedicated grandmother from the intense energies coming from outer space. For Navahos the moon controls and regulates the earth. For the Sioux, she is Hanwi, goddess of the moon. The moon is intrinsically feminine and represents fertility, dreams, emotions, and transformations. She represents the rhythm of natural cycles.

She is also the Goddess of motherhood, feminine power, and watches over women during their monthly cycle.

I knew these myths since a little girl and always liked to think of the Moon as female and protective. Her light felt always enveloping me in comfort and magic.

Years later with the progress in visual technology I was amazed when I saw a moving illustration of the moon's movement around the earth while it moves around the sun: the moon moves creating a spiral tube through which the earth rolls around the sun while turning upon it's axis. The ancients were right, the moon acts indeed as a protector for the earth!

Ruler of the waters of the planet, the water in ourselves and all the plants and animals. The Moon's sensitive relationship with the Earth affects the ebb and flow of rivers and seas, the women's hormones, the productivity and health of plants, the way things grow, flower and seed, the way things dry or remain moist and above all our mood.

I have had a book since I was a teenager containing useful advice on how to do everyday tasks together with the moon's influence. Many things were fun to explore and once tried both ways it made absolute sense to follow the moon's phase when doing a particular task. You wouldn't want to store away after cleaning them your carpets for half a year on a day when the moon is on a water sign. You would risk having mold in it. But if you would do it while in a fire sign than everything would be kept dry. The process for cutting and trimming plants and body hair is similar : if you want things to regrow fast and with volume then cut them down when the moon is in Leo. If you don't want them to regrow, such as removing eyebrows and shaving or waxing legs, and mowing the grass then cut them when it is in Capricorn. There are too many things to mention here regarding all the implications that the position of the moon has in processes such as fertilising, infusing, fermenting, composting, making cheese, oils, drying herbs, cleaning etc.

So many simple but very important ways that the timing of our actions can be essential to the quality of the way things are done. All we need to do is slow down and listen! Listen to the subtle vibrations of the silver white light, feel them echoing in the dark of the night and be ready to sense their unique quality that changes every few days. Observe it changing and change with it. In this constant spiral of growth, maturity, decline, death and rebirth our body spirit and mind can be tuned in and be moved in accordance with this cosmic flow. We only need to quiet down and be ready to change our schedules to be more in harmony with the energies affecting a particular day and time.

If we listen carefully the Moon will guide us!

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