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The value of an in person QiGong Class

Qigong - Cultivating the Qi through movement and breath as part of the path to harmony with the natural world and the Dao

The time has come for us to come together in person for QiGong practice!

After the limitations imposed by the Covid lockdown, we are now free to practice in the same space. Nothing can substitute the power of an in person class as we breathe and move together! As we transform the Qi- energy through our practice, the field of energy in the space becomes denser. It becomes easier to tap into the power of this energy, refined and cultivated by collective practice. Our intention is empowered and the effects of our practice are felt by everyone in the space. Even if occasionally a person is tired and decides to stay quiet while the others continue the practice of the movements, that person can still benefit from harvesting the energy that is created in the environment around them.

This new QiGong Class is inspired by the basic principles of Embodiment of the Practice:

  1. Sinking- Chen

  2. Relaxing (but not collapsing)- Song- rooted but also ascending

  3. Alignment- Zheng- Central Equilibrium

We will explore different QiGong flows according to the seasons, strengthening the organs and meridians that correspond to each seasonal Element.

For the winter season we focus on strengthening the bladder and kidney meridians, tonifying the immune system and the lungs.

We become aware of the inner currents. By sinking - not holding the weight but allowing it to be dropping to the Earth, we fluidly inhabit in a deep and meaningful way our experience.

I look forward to every moment of sharing Qigong practice.

For further information or to book your place contact me at or through my website

More weekly classes available if Tuesdays at 4pm doesn't work for you!

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